IDTE 3000IDTE3000 Equipment Specifications Base Equipment Specifications

Base Equipment Specifications

  • Adjustable track configuration with two dimensional and three dimensional testing capabilities
  • Semi-enclosed heated water bath system (+/- 2°C)
  • Adjustable flow control through the path with luer fitting
  • PC with Windows 7 operating system
  • Touch screen machine operation
  • Catheter holding tray
  • Two live roller systems
  • Two (2) auxiliary load cell inputs for optional equipment
  • One (1) pushability test distal load cell fixture (1kg)
  • Spring activated segmental alignment mechanism

Proximal Roller Assembly

  • Stepper motor driven flip top urethane roller system for easy product loading
  • Micrometer adjustment for various product diameters and repeatable product compression
  • Encoder position feedback
  • Integrated load cell (600g - 6kg)

PC/Software Specifications

  • Indusoft Beckoff controlled PC
  • Adjustable testing parameters include: advancement distance, advancement rate, data and direction of motion
  • Trackability, Pushability, Cycle and Torqueability testing
  • Sequential numbering system for rapid batch testing
  • 1000 Profile storage capability
  • Password protected user level controls
  • Data Acquisition system; data is saved in a CSV (Comma Separated Variable) format and a PDF format for a secure copy

Machine Options

  • Integrated video capture system, with data and video linked in time
  • Torque measurement package for Torqueability, Torque to Failure and Steerability testing
  • Double roller system with 3kg load cell
  • High force roller system with 6kg load cell
  • Custom size water bath
  • Frictionless track system with air bearings and roller supports for products with heavy or large proximal ends or handles
  • Touhy borst for side input to the water tank
  • Fixed plate paths with customer defined path geometry