ProtomedLabs can customize and design simple and advanced flow loops systems for various indications and applications. Our cardiac flow loop systems are designed to generate hypertensive and hypotensive hemodynamic conditions for simulated use device testing. Our cardiac flow systems can be easily integrated to existing test benches. Coupled with the Vvitro Labs SuperPump, our customized cardiac flow loop systems can provide capabilities for device migration resistance testing, device hemodynamic assessment under pulsatile flow, pulsatile flow visualization (PIV or Echo Doppler), medical device training, device deployment under simulated use conditions. Depending on the design requirements and the anatomical vascular model used, we can integrate several features to our cardiac flow loops systems:

  • Simple heart models – Pump heads with spring loaded valves – simulating aortic and mitral valve.
  • Dynamic compliance – Viscoelastic impedance adapter
  • Adjustable length tray for anatomical models
  • Software & data acquisition systems
  • Instrumentation – flow meter and pressure transducers
  • Heat exchanger, temperature bath
  • Catheter Access ports
  • Passive compliance reservoirs and resistive elements

Cardiac flow loops

Please contact us to discuss your Cardiac Flow Loops Systems requirements.