Pulsatile Flow Pump – SuperPump AR Series

The SuperPump is a pulsatile flow pump designed to create advanced cardiac or vascular flow loop systems for simulated use device testing. It can be easily integrated to existing test benches and provide extra capabilities for testing ie – migration resistance testing, basic flow visualization studies under pulsatile flow, bioresorbable scaffolds, device training and deployment under simulated use conditions. The SuperPumps System AR SERIES II comes with a controller with onboard waveform generator with 5 preprogrammed waveforms. It can be used directly without any software. It is a reliable and versatile pulsatile flow pump that can be combined with various accessories and options to create complex flow loops :

  • Pump heads with spring loaded valves – simulating aortic and mitral valve function.
  • Viscoelastic impedance adapter – To generate more physiological flow and pressure waveforms
  • Software – More control and data acquisition capabilities
  • Instrumentation – data acquisition systems with pressure transducer systems, flow meter

SuperPump System AR Series features:

  • Provides controlled pulsatile flow
  • Digital amplifier with stroke volume display and preprogrammed waveforms
  • Digital motor with high torque to inertia ratio provides smooth and reliable functionality
  • Accurate positioning of the piston for accurate pulsatile flow conditions
  • Controller offers variable amplitude and monitors position and velocity
  • External signal input for customized waveforms generation (ViVigen software)
  • External signal import thru USB port
  • Made with materials that are chemically compatible with most sterilization and testing solutions
  • Arrhythmia and wave train function
  • Piston-in-cylinder pump head design
  • Proven history of reliability
  • Accessories for complex pulsatile flow loop systems – cardiac flow loops, vascular flow loops
  • Pulsatile flow pump applications: heart valve prosthesis testing, hydrodynamic performance testing, stent-graft migration resistance testing, basic flow visualization studies under pulsatile flow, bioabsorbable vascular stent ans scafolds testing, device training and deployment under simulated use conditions.

Equipment Features:

• Five (5) preprogrammed cardiac waveforms • Rates from 4 to 200 bpm • Stroke volume from 0 to 180 ml • Pump Stroke 0-50mm • Maximum pressure 200 mmHg • Digital controlled and created waveforms ViViGen or ViViTest software • Configured for 64-bit Windows 7 Professional • NET 3.5 framework • Pump Head - Pulsatile Flow • VIA - Compliance Chamber • Heat Exchanger • Heating Bath • Stroboscope • Digital Manometer • Data Acquisition System: Pressure Measuring System and a Laptop with ViViGen Software