The Interventional Device Testing Equipment (Push Track Tester – IDTE 1000) from MSI is the state of the art catheter testing equipment.  The IDTE is designed to comparatively and quantitatively tests and records the performance features of interventional devices including: catheters, guidewires, stent delivery systems, colonoscopes,endoscopes and scope tools. IDTE’s PC controls and versatile test configurations allow for simple and repeatable test setups and instantaneous feedback on device design changes, there by reducing design timelines. Test results can be used for regulatory submissions, competitive product testing and R&D device evaluation.

IDTE 1000 – Catheter Testing Equipment features:

  • Small and portable system
  • Double roller system using urethane rollers to advance/retract product while measuring forces
  • Simple push button PLC to program advance speed, distance, and number of cycles.
  • Vice mechanism for clamping roller system to end of work bench
  • Drives and measures the forces on 1 roller systems simultaneously.
  • Catheter advancement – continuous measurement

Base Equipment Specifications

• PC with Windows XP operating system. • Touch screen machine operation • One (1) push test distal load cell fixture (1kg). • Spring activated segmental alignment mechanism• Proximal Roller Assembly (1kg) • Stepper motor driven flip top urethane roller system for easy product loading. • Micrometer adjustment for various product diameters and repeatable product• compression. • Encoder position feedback.• Integrated load cell (1kg).• Adjustable position to accommodate various introducer lengths.


PC/Software Specifications

• Software written with Visual Basic 6.0. • Adjustable testing parameters include: advancement distance, advancement • rate, data averaging rate, direction of motion, and track, push, cycle • Sequential numbering system for rapid batch testing. • Limited testing profiles. • Password protected areas: set-up and calibration. • Data acquisition system; data is saved in a CSV (Comma Separated Variable) to USB drive.


Machine Options

• Double roller system with 3kg load cell. • High force roller system with 6 or 12kg load cell.

Summary of Spec Data:

Temp Range
Ambient to 50°C
Roller System Accuracy
(+/-) 3g
Power Requirements
208-240 VAC
Product Advance Rate
User Defined (5 to 600cm/min)
Roller System Load Cell
1, 2, 3, 6, or 12kg
Distal Load Cell
1kg Submersible
Units of Measure
General Warranty
1 Year