The RX750/850 is a Submersible Stent Radial Force Testing Equipment, designed to measure and record radial stiffness and strength of self-expanding and balloon expandable devices within a temperature controlled water bath. Many new devices are comprised of materials with mechanical properties that are fluid and temperature dependent. This off-the-shelf solution measures force decay over time and radial strength and stiffness in an aqueous environment. The RX750/850 utilizes the same integrated high-speed data acquisition system and proprietary software as the RX550/650, generating repeatable and reproducible data to facilitate knowledgeable and rapid device design changes. At the core of the Submersible Stent Radial Force Testing Equipment is MSI’s proprietary segmental compression mechanism which collects data from twelve product contact points providing uniform radial measurement. The RX750/850 system has an optional dual tank base for testing consecutively in cold and then warm water to simulate loading and body temperature deployment. The RX equipment utilizes an encoder for diameter accuracy, a linear actuator for activation and a precision roller bearing system that is specifically designed to provide a low friction testing environment. Test results can be used for regulatory submissions, competitive product testing, R&D device evaluation and inline manufacturing quality assurance.

Expansion Force Measurement Head:

  • Stainless Steel twelve segment design
  • Standard friction levels <0.3N of hoop force
  • Custom head diameter ranges and lengths available
  • Imbedded temperature sensor (accuracy +/- 1.2°C)
  • Standard integrated load cell 50lbs (maximum hoop force 33N)

Control Module Specifications:

  • High speed motion control system
  • Custom cable connection between module and expansion head
  • Integrated control system with monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • High speed data acquisition (100 samples/second)
  • Data retrievable via external drive.

Software Specifications:

  • Embedded PC
  • Diameter control command utilizing manual setting, prescribed ramp, cycle or from file
  • Force control command utilizing prescribed ramp
  • Diameter and hoop force are measured, displayed, graphed and written to a CSV file
  • Analyze function replays multiple graphs and saves image as PDF
  • Data interpolation at any specified data point, diameter, force or time.

See also RX550/650 Stent Radial Force Tester.