Endovascular Catheter - Protomed LabsEndovascular Catheter






Endovascular Catheter: Type

  • Endovascular delivery systems and catheters
  • Angioplasty catheters
  • PTA, PTCA catheters
  • TAVI delivery systems
  • Any interventional devices

Endovascular Catheter: Associated tests

  • Acute particulate evaluation
  • Radiopacity
  • Optical Inspection
  • Any balloon expandable stent performance tests
  • Balloon fatigue assessment
  • Inflation and deflation time
  • Rate burst pressure
  • Balloon compliance
  • Pressurized Water Leak Test
  • Pressurized Air Leak Test
  • Catheter Bond Strength
  • Catheter Torsion Bond Strength
  • Balloon corrosion
  • Balloon Dimensional characterization

Endovascular Catheter: Applicable standards

Associated tests

  • All balloon expandable stent performance tests

Endovascular Catheter Testing

We provide complete programs and engineering solutions for testing medical devices delivery systems and related devices. We provide test methods for measurement and verification of the dimensions and mechanical properties of device delivery systems, including methods for verifying that the nominal values disclosed by the manufacturer are within the permitted tolerances.