Fatigue Testing Medical Device with Protomed LabsFatigue Testing Medical Device – Tester Customized Design

Fatigue Testing Medical Device: Measured parameters

  • Strains (Displacement)
  • Number of cycles
  • Test frequency
  • Test temperature

Fatigue Testing Medical Device: Scope

  • Medical device accelerated fatigue testing – Tailored solutions
  • Any cardiovascular device susceptible to fatigue failure

Applicable standards

Associated tests


We provide complete programs and engineering solutions to perform medical device accelerated fatigue testing.  Our engineers can design fatigue test solutions tailored to specific device fatigue requirements.  Our solutions include equipment, dedicated device fixture, full fatigue tester validation plan with corresponding documentation: test protocols, test procedures, test reports, IQOQPQ protocols and plan.  Fatigue testers can be delivered and installed on site or operated by our staff in our facility.